2 Seats
27 Jets
1 Pumps

Zeta 2.0

This is the smallest Spa in the Zeta Range, designed with two seats, one of them lounged.

The high level of personalization and compact size makes this Spa adaptable to any space, interior or exterior. It can also be equipped with a maximum number of 34 jets, organized in different combinations.

Dimensions:  2.18 x 1.38 x 0.71 m
Number of Seats: 2 (lounged)
Number of Jets: 27

Made in Europe Portcril Spas are manufactured in Portugal, being always distinguished by their high quality production and materials.
InShell Leds Our Chromotherapy Leds are built within the Spa Acrylic. This technic makes it possible to provide you with the best therapy without drilling your Spa Shell.