6 Seats
110 Jets
5 Pumps

Prime XL

Portcril developed the PRIME SPA as a top end range to satisfythe exquisite demands of the most perfectionist customers.
The PRIME SPA stands out for its ergonomics, highly comfortable seats and top of the line equipment with very exclusive features.

The PRIME SPA is the next generation of Spas!

It is the first Spa that merges the best comfort and ergonomics, with high hydromassage performance and a contemporary finish and design.


Dimensions: 2.30 x 2.30 x 1.00 m
Number of Seats: 6
Number of Jets: 110



1 Low Consumption Circulation Pump
3 Power Massage Pumps
1 Hot Air Blower
✓ UV Disinfection System
2 Diverter Valves
3 Venturi Regulators
✓ Chromotherapy Leds

Made in Europe Portcril Spas are manufactured in Portugal, being always distinguished by their high quality production and materials.
Coril® The Coril painting technology is an exclusive technique offered by Portcril that allows you to choose any colorfor your spa shell, allowing incorporate your personal touch. Choose one of Portcril’smost popular colorsor any RAL code to elect the Spa shell which better suits you.
Ecolite Structure The Prime Spa has an inorganic frame, built with aluminiumand a thermoplastic base, for a solid support, extra reinforcement and extended durability.
INSHELL LEDS The Inshell Leds are a unique form of chromotherapy, with multiple RGB Led lights that are mounted on the acrylic itself around the spa shell, which makes your spa more pleasant and comfortable. This is a unique feature worldwide of Portcril spas.
Hydroplus Portcril uses a hydraulic piping structure specifically organized to ensure a high performance and good balance of hydromassage in all the different spa seats and zones.
WQC - Warm & Quiet Chamber The Warm & Quiet Chamber is the thermal insulation of the panels and the shell of the spa. This insulation not only is important to ensure a more effective consumption but also makes the equipment of the spa run more silently.
Microsilk A special Spa pump which produces billions of micro-bubbles that penetrate your skin and promote its rejuvenation and relaxation!
iSpa Aware of technology presence in our lives Portcril updated their Spas with a wireless remote control. Control instantly your Spa at anytime, anywhere!
Audio System B4.1 The B4.1 is an audio system that plays music by Bluetooth® wireless technology. This audio system includes 4 transducer speakers and 1 subwoofer to provide the perfect way to bring music to your spa. The Audio B4.1 is compatible with many audio sources, such as iPads and smartphones equipped with Bluetooth®.