"From the simplicity between the malleability and resistance of the acrylic "Proteu" was born, a high quality Hammam. 

The panels conceived in flat surfaces, with reflexed seats in acrylic that reveal two lines of light generating a calm ambiance appropriate for relaxing, as well as nuances of colour, light and shadow result in a high quality and esthetical product."

Acrylic steam cabin with:

- Acrylic seats integrated in walls.
- Colour of seats: Coril ® - Any colour
- Colour of walls and ceiling: Coril ® - Any colour
- Ilumination: white leds (multi points)

Proteu 2
1.30 x 1.25 m                   
Proteu 3
1.90 x 1.25 m
Proteu 4
2.50 x 1.25 m                                                              
Banho-Turco Proteu 2.2
1.90 x 1.30 m
Banho-Turco Proteu 3.3
1.90 x 1.90 m
Banho-Turco Proteu 4.4
1.90 x 2.50 m
Made in Europe Portcril Spas are manufactured in Portugal, being always distinguished by their high quality production and materials.
Warranty: 5 years Portcril assures you five years of warranty against any of Saunas and Steam Cabins.
Warranty: 2 years Portcril assures you two years of warranty against any electrical and electronic components.